What is the HERO Program

HERO ProgramSimply put, the HERO Program is a way to finance your property remodeling project when the items used for the upgrade are energy-efficient.

It can be a new roof, new windows, a cooling & heating system, a solar system, and even a water-conserving landscaping renovation.

Normally when a property owner engages in a remodeling project, they need to come up with the money either from their savings or through a second mortgage/HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit).

With the HERO Program, though, the property owner does not need to do any of these.  Instead, they are only obligated to pay back the loan in monthly installments, which are frequently combined into an annual or semi-annual property tax bill add-on.

Unlike when qualifying for a loan, where the property owner credit score plays a cardinal role, with the HERO Program the main determining factor is the equity in the property (value – debt).  As such, homeowners with less than stellar credit score can still enjoy 100% financing of their energy-efficient remodeling project.

Another advantage is that the loan is tied to the property and not the property owner. Upon a sale of the property, the loan payments could be transferred to the new owner.  Sometimes, though, lenders would like a payoff of the HERO Program loan by the original owner or as part of the sale.

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