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HERO Program Roofing

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California hero program roofingShake shingles are very durable and can withstand strong winds and sudden storms with little damage. They create an energy efficient roof as they allow better air circulation in a home. They are also visually pleasing, especially as the wood begins to mature. Many buyers choose shake vs. asphalt shingles simply based on their visual appeal. The downside to shake shingles is that there is a lot of maintenance necessary. Wood rot and mildew can create problems, especially in areas that receive a lot of precipitation or are humid environments.

A new roof is a huge project if you are not ready for it, and the roof replacement cost is too much to spend lightly. If you are planning to do your next roofing job yourself to save money, you might be putting it off because you dread doing the work. Do not let your worries stand in your way if it is really time to replace your roof. And you can do this using 100% HERO financing.

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A HERO Program Roof that will save you energy

The roof of your home or business has a major impact on solar radiation, the absorption of heat from sunlight. Heat is either reflected into the atmosphere or absorbed into the building through conduction. Any solar radiation that is absorbed will heat the roof’s surface. The more the solar radiation is absorbed, the greater the need to find alternative ways to dissipate the heat. Roof design will determine how the heat is reflected and absorbed heat is emitted. Cool Coating technology focuses on reflecting solar radiation and shedding absorbed heat away from the surface. 

Get a HERO Program RoofWhen it comes to buying and selling a house, the condition of the roof is a big factor. In fact, it is one of the most important factors in this regard. Even if you are not looking for a new place and are not planning to sell anytime soon, you want the top of your home to be solid because it offers protection to the structure of it.

Solar panels and green roofing are becoming increasingly popular. Normally, the government will offer a rebate and a tax advantage for this effort because it will probably be more of an expense than other choices.

Advantages of HERO Program Roofing

The great advantage is that it will save you money on your power bills once you get it going. The roof is the key to a building design and needs to be functional. Just as wearing light-colored clothing can help keep you cool on a sunny day, cool roofs material that is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof.  All can be done through HERO financing which issues the funds without the homeowner credit score.  The loan payments appear as an add-on to property taxes.  Saving on home energy bills can further reduce the cost.

Cool roofs can be made of a highly reflective type of paint, a sheet covering, or highly reflective tiles or shingles. Standard or dark roofs can reach temperatures of 150°F or more in the summer sun. A cool roof under the same conditions could stay more than 50°F cooler and save energy and money by using less air conditioning. 

HERO Program HERO is a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program enables homeowners to install energy efficiency, renewable energy and water-saving improvements to their properties without putting any money down. Under PACE, homeowners may work with one of two County-approved program administrators to finance these home improvements. A unique financing tool, PACE allows issuing a bond to a lender, which secures funding for the installation of energy and water efficiency, and renewable energy projects that are permanently fixed to the property. Homeowners then repay financing annually through an assessment on their property tax bill. PACE financing enhances home values, lowers homeowners’ energy bills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates green jobs.

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